Looking For Jobs in Manufacturing? How to Select the Best Executive Recruitment Partner For You

For those with little experience of today’s recruitment market within the manufacturing and engineering industry, it can often be a daunting task to understand the best way of securing an appropriate technical engineering job, senior management position or an executive appointment. Within this article we hope to give you some more information on how to select the best Executive Recruitment partner for you.

Often, new job seekers become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of manufacturing jobs advertised on online recruitment sites such as Monster, Total, Jobs, Hotonline, Planet Recruit, Jimfinder, Just Engineers, Executives on the Web and Jobsite. Furthermore, individuals seeking manufacturing jobs, often become disheartened when they receive very few responses to a high volume of applications made. For those that are new onto the market, there are a few things that should be considered, probably the main one being “which is the best executive recruitment company to partner with?”

In order to supplement your own job applications, it is advisable to partner with one or a select few Executive Recruitment Companies who genuinely specialise in Manufacturing and Engineering vacancies as opposed to working with a generalist. Often the most valuable process undertaken by the executive recruitment consultant will be to spend time understanding your individual needs, your key skill sets and your career aspirations, and then work alongside you to generate a profile of clients which they can then make direct contact with. The consultants understanding of the manufacturing and engineering industry is a vital factor in this process as this knowledge can save a lot of time in securing your next job. A good understanding of the cultures that exist in certain types of manufacturing environments, a knowledge of which skills would be of interest to certain businesses, an understanding of the key drivers that exist within specific sectors can only add value to the candidates job hunt, as this will ensure that well matched manufacturing vacancies are presented to the candidate in a timely manner.

Further considerations when looking for a job in manufacturing

As mentioned above, it is recommendable that you choose a recruitment consultant who focuses purely on working with people in industry to fill manufacturing and engineering jobs. It is also advisable to consider and question further what area of expertise your ideal consultant would have. Would they specialise in aerospace jobs, automotive jobs, jobs in defence, jobs in the process industry, jobs in design, capital equipment jobs; obviously the list is endless. Once you have considered this, it is worthwhile considering what level of job you are focussing on i.e. is would your ideal consultant specialise in technical engineering vacancies, management jobs, senior management jobs, director level appointments or executive appointments.

Obviously what we are doing here is coming up with the “best fit” for you, the ideal company for you to partner with. At this stage it is worthwhile investing some time in speaking with few people in your own network, looking through recruitment websites to get a feel of what certain companies can offer before picking up the telephone and speaking with the recruitment consultants direct. At this stage it is worthwhile asking the consultant you speak with the questions that will help determine how close the recruitment consultancy is to your “ideal recruitment partner.” Once you have shortlisted 3 or 4 specialist manufacturing and engineering recruitment companies, it would be advisable for you to meet with the company’s consultants face to face to understand them more and to ensure that you have fully demonstrated your key achievements, your aspirations and the key factors you are looking for in your new job. This information will ensure that they work with all the facts required for them to do their job effectively.

With one or two quality recruitment companies working on your behalf, at the right level, in the correct areas of the market, this should ensure that your exposure is maximised and that you get the correct volume and quality of manufacturing and engineering vacancies to consider. If this thorough process is followed thoroughly, then when combined with other means of flagging up opportunities such as direct applications through the newspapers and internet, then it should ensure that no stone is left unturned and the process is as seamless as possible.